Martinis and Elvis

The vision was simple: a celebration with family and friends at a unique location that reflected our personalities. Where to do it? Simple. My parent’s backyard. So where do I start? Well we knew we wanted the entire wedding to take place outdoors so the height of summer seemed like an obvious choice.

The flow of the wedding was fairly casual – no head table just sit wherever you like. There was plenty of food and drink so eat, drink and be merry. The cupcake tower provided by Cupcakes virtually disappeared moments after we cut the cake. A very popular dessert! The speeches were kept to a minimum to make room for hours of celebrating and spending time with all of our special guests. We premixed our own music so we simply popped in a CD and let the good times roll!

We wanted to do a couple of special, unique things for our guests so we arranged to have an Elvis impersonator put on a show. Once it was dark the spotlight hit the stage (the deck off the back of the house), the music started and to a thunderous round of applause,

Elvis entered the building. Our guests were floored! They couldn’t believe they were about to watch an Elvis impersonator. And not just any Elvis impersonator – one who was a friend to most of the guests. It was absolutely outrageous. The guests loved it, the ladies loved it and the bride even got her own special dance with the King.  A truly memorable experience for all.

Following the Elvis show the guests danced the night away under a beautiful starry night with wedding favor monogrammed music shakers in hand and bare feet in the grass after a long hot summer day. It had finally cooled down in the evening which was a welcome relief from the 34 degree heat of the day. So plan B did work but not for rain showers, it ended up providing some much needed shade